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Believe Digital Launches US-Focused A&R Team; Signs Global Distribution and Promotion Agreement with Anoop Desai

June, 24th 2010 19:29

Go to to  try the new Zimbalam CRM system and Social Media Player with Integrated Stores (only one approved on Facebook).

We are proud to announce that Believe Digital has not only established an A&R team for the US market, but that the team is already on a roll, signing a distribution and promotion agreement with former American Idol contestant Anoop Desai.  Under terms of the agreement, Desai’s record “All Is Fair” will be distributed across Believe Digital’s Zimbalam network, receiving coverage in 350 stores including Amazon, eMusic, Napster, Real, and hundreds more worldwide.  Zimbalam will also provide marketing support to Desai through the network’s host of promotional tools and real-time CRM capabilities.

Desai will benefit from a personal A&R manager at Believe Digital, who will provide valuable advice and support on strategy, marketing and promotion investment and who can ensure he is receiving the greatest exposure while maximizing monetization opportunities.  Desai’s  album debuted in the “top new artist album” section at #65 and #177 overall in the digital album category at Soundscan.

At Believe Digital, our goal is to provide independent artists with a powerful marketing tool set and global reach rivaling those of the largest record labels. We are proud to reach this agreement with Anoop Desai, and we view it as a testament to the promotional opportunities and revenue potential offered by the Zimbalam network on a global basis.

With the recent launch of the US version of Zimbalam, Believe Digital’s A&R team will monitor and offer additional promotion services to other top performing independent artists on the network.

How Zimbalam’s Real-time CRM System and Social Network Player Makes More Money for Independent Artists

June, 16th 2010 20:27

Go to to  try the new Zimbalam CRM system and Social Media Player with Integrated Stores (only one approved on Facebook).

Zimbalam is very pleased to announced that the new Zimbalam Backstage real-time CRM system and fully intergrated Zimbalam player and Facebook Widget are now live for all users (we previously did post about the CRM system).   The integrated distribution and marketing system gives artists a huge advantage in selling music by integrating personalized purchase links in the player (Zimbalam automatically suggests the best music online store in the player based on the listener’s location).

The Zimbalam Backstage CRM system provides data into what is working best for streaming and purchase referrals.  Real-time sales data from participating stores like iTunes gives the ability to understand the daily, weekly and monthly progression of sales and precisely analyze day-to-day earnings each quarter.   

Artists can also customize the Zimbalam player to create an album like experience with the entire discography available in a single player.  The player also acts as a marketing widget for viral distribution on social networks.  There’s also a special Zimbalam Facebook widget player is also the only Facebook player featuring direct purchase links to the major online stores.  

Other player features including the following

  • Fast loading times to quickly capture fans attention
  • Displaying the best local store for the listener based on their location (via the IP address)
  • One player for the entire discography – display of the artist’s entire discography in one place eliminates the need to embed different players for each individual release
  • Customizable look and feel to deliver album like personalization: Artists can select from a wide variety of built-in background images and colors
  • Optimized for live updates from artists online feeds including YouTube, Twitter feeds, MySpace, Facebook and more

Check out the new player…

Zimbalam’s Digital Music Distribution Service Launches In North America

March, 23rd 2010 12:50

Paris, France – March 11, 2010 – Zimbalam, the largest digital music distribution and marketing network, today announced the launch of the US version of its distribution network. Zimbalam, owned by independent music distributor and service provider Believe Digital, provides artists with access to 25 of the most popular music stores such as iTunes and Spotify and unprecedented global reach through several hundred additional stores worldwide.

Zimbalam delivers transparency and marketing control to artists with real-time daily sales data, CRM tools such as email newsletters and social networking promotional widgets. Zimbalam’s widgets make global marketing easy by automatically detecting a person’s location and then promoting to the most popular music stores for that region.

To maximize artist revenues, Zimbalam simply charges an industry-low annual fee so artists can keep 100% of royalties. Zimbalam’s nominal fee is $29.99 in year one then $19.98 per year after for an EP or album. Once the fee is recouped, artists keep 100% of royalties generated from sales. After the initial year, artists are only charged if they have sold enough music to cover the low fees, essentially eliminating financial risk.

To celebrate the South by Southwest ( festival, Zimbalam is offering a special rate through the end of March, with distribution of the first album at a reduced rate of $5.99. Artists taking advantage of the special rate can effectively start making money after only one album is sold. Artists can take advantage of this offer by using the code SXSW when signing up at

“With Zimbalam, our goal is to bring the largest distribution network, the strongest marketing tool set and the greatest revenue potential, all at the lowest price point, to the US independent music community, ” said Believe Digital and Zimbalam CEO Denis Ladegaillerie. “We want to make sure that independent artists have the chance to not just realize the best business opportunities, but also to realize the opportunity to break through on a global basis.”

Bridging the gap between the independent music community and major labels, Zimbalam also gives artists with breakout potential the opportunity to benefit from the A&R team of parent company Believe Digital ( Artists with strong performance on the Zimbalam network are assigned a personal A&R manager to provide valuable advice and support on release strategy, marketing and promotion investment and to ensure they are receiving the greatest exposure while maximizing monetization opportunities.

About Zimbalam and Believe Digital

Believe Digital is the largest distributor for independent music community, based on both geographic reach and number of distribution outlets. Founded by top music executives from companies including Vivendi Universal,, eMusic, BMG Entertainment and Sony, the company has received support from top VCs XAnge and Ventech. Internationally, Believe is supported by a staff of 70 dedicated employees in six countries across Europe (the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal) and the United States.