Welcome to a brand new Zimbalam

Season’s greetings!

We’ve been hinting over the past few weeks that we had a big announcement on the cards, well here it is…

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a whole heap of new tools to help you promote your music online, all available in the Zimbalam Backstage area, right NOW!

Brand new Zimbalam artist pages!

Using this fantastic new tool, you can…

– Centralise your online presence and content in one place. Simple and easy to use, building a Zimbalam artist page requires no knowledge of HTML!

– Stream music to your fans using the Zimbalam player.

– Choose a unique address for your page (e.g. myband.zimbalam.com).

– Increase your fan base and mailing list; offer a free download in exchange for an email address and reach new fans around the world.

– Maximise your sales with direct purchase links to the major digital stores from your player.

– Link your page to Facebook and Twitter from the Buzz section. Increase your fanbase on multiple sites at once.

– Create ‘Pro Space’ campaigns to offer exclusive, private content from your page. Create unique logins for journalists, fans, media and more, host downloadable content and collect feedback in return.

– Your Zimbalam artist page provides detailed analytics to understand who’s visiting your page and understand the effect of your promotional efforts.

Why spend hours rebuilding your ‘new’ MySpace page when you can create a new Zimbalam artist page in a few minutes with all the functionality of MySpace and so much more! What’s more, there are no adverts on our site to annoy your fans!

View an example artist page at http://lonelythebrave.zimbalam.com

Zimbalam Fan Connect

That’s not all we have to offer this holiday season, we’re also thrilled to announce Zimbalam Fan Connect, a brand new utility which allows you to collect email addresses, send fully customisable HTML emails and get an advanced breakdown of the reading figures, all for free!

Using our tools, you can now collect email addresses from your artist page as well as the Zimbalam Player, which allows you to collect contacts from Facebook, Myspace and other websites, using the new ‘Newsletter’ tab. You can also import contacts from your webmail accounts and Excel files to make sure you have all your fans’ contact details in one place.

Contacts are arranged in clear categories in your Fan Connect contact book on the Zimbalam Backstage and can be added to emails by category, location and more. Keep your fans up to date with the latest news, run competitions and more, build newsletters from templates or, if you’ve got the skills, build custom templates yourself, the sky’s the limit!

Once you’ve sent a newsletter, you can track the response with a full statistical breakdown, including open numbers, click rates, bounces and more, coupled with your daily sales reports, this is a very powerful tool. Strengthen the bond with your fans using Fan Connect, for free, a service which could save you hundreds of pounds compared with specialist mailing list software.

On the move?

If you have an iPhone, you can now use our tools on the move using the new Zimbalam Pro app to control your backstage access.

The app is available for download here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/zimbalam-pro/id408373838?mt=8

To find out more about the new app, read our blog post http://www.blogzimbalam.co.uk/download-the-new-zimbalam-iphone-app/

We are raising our annual fee

Always at the forefront of innovation, we are proud to offer a toolset that beats all our competitors’ offerings, all included in the fee charged to release your music. With the introduction of these fantastic new tools, we will be implementing an increase to our annual fees, to include the use of the new tools.

From January 1st we will be increasing our annual fee from the current price of £9.99 for a single and £19.98 for an EP/album to £14.99 for a single and £24.99 for an EP or album. This increased fee will be applicable ONLY for releases uploaded after the 1st of January, all customers with a release validated before the end of the year will receive access to the new tools at our current rate, so if you’ve nearly finished uploading a release, why not try and complete the upload in the next few days to save yourself a few pounds? 😉

Remember, we are the only distributor to deduct your annual fees from your royalties, so if you don’t sell enough to cover the fee, you won’t be charged any extra, it’s only fair really…