Zimbalam Fan Connect, our eCRM tool for musicians

Get to know your fans better with Zimbalam Fan Connect!

Now available from the Zimbalam Backstage, Zimbalam Fan Connect gives users the ability to manage their contacts, create newsletters from scratch or from templates and analyse the impact of their newsletters on sales.

Essentially, Zimbalam Fan Connect provides you with all the tools you need to keep your fan base engaged. Below we explain Zimbalam Fan Connects key features, and give advice on optimising them.

Manage Your Contacts

This section of Zimbalam Fan Connect is where you import your contacts and sort them into categories.

You can import your contacts from your email, individually or from an existing .CSV file. After importing your contacts, you may add them to categories, of your choosing.

Our advice: Try separating contacts into professional/ geographical locations; I.e if you’ve got the city or country information of a contact, enter it along with the contact;

Creating Newsletters

Using our newsletter tool you may create your own email newsletters, without prior HTML knowledge, newsletter templates or even use our own easy-to-fill templates.

Use your newsletters to talk to your fans; sell your merchandise and bring more fans to your concerts, you can also add video, photo images and announcements to all of these templates.

Our advice: Practice creating newsletters and save several templates, that way not only will you be great at using the tool, but you’ll have created your own templates well before you’d even want to send one out.


Analysing the statistics of your newsletter activity, will help you with carry out future promotional activity with more understanding.

Our newsletter statistics allow you to send targeted communications to your fans: email your fans in Texas about your post-SXSW gig in Texas or tell Facebook fans about Facebook giveaway.

Our advice: Use your newsletter statistics, along with your statistics from widgets or other promotional activity to plan future online promotions.