Zimbalam Featured Artist : Jesus & The Christians

This week’s featured artist, Jesus & The Christians, is a political noise pop project with a list of influences that includes Sigmund Freud, Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Jesus Christ and Mother Teresa.

Listen to Remixing Water into Wine on SoundCloud

Their first record is an electronic remix of album songs by various Dutch indie acts such as Eins Zwei, Orchestra, The Black Atlantic and Ponoka, entitled Remixing Water Into Wine, but Jesus & the Christians are currently working on a record containing their own songs.

According to their Facebook Page :

Expect something so political it will make Rage Against The Machine sound like a rightwing lobby group. Songs with titles like ‘9/11 Is Overrated’ (a statistical view on 9/11), ‘Fuck The Goddamn Fear’ (about Christianity, children and the fear of hell) and ‘Copyright Kills Kids In Africa’ (a fun story about AIDS, copyright and kids dieing in Africa) will do the trick.

Our interest is piqued, what about yours?